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Reasons To Build A CRM-Powered Website For Your Business

Most businesses today rely on simple brochure websites for their online presence. These tend to be static websites with a few pages giving core information about the business and details on products and services offered. Although these are relatively cheap and less complicated to develop than a site that offers more advanced user experiences, a […]

Influencer Marketing Part 6: Pitching

Prospective influencers likely know little about your company or its products. They’re not necessarily interested in promoting. You have to pitch them. Welcome to “Part 6” of my influencer marketing series. I’ve addressed what it is, why use it, setting goals, picking the best channels, and targeting the right influencers. Once targeted, influencers typically need […]

Reducing The Need For Pseudo-Elements

Per the W3C spec, “a pseudo-element represents an element not directly present in the document tree”. They have been around since version 1 of the CSS specification, when ::first-letter and ::first-line were introduced. The popular ::before and ::after pseudo-elements were added in version 2 — these represent content that does not exist in the source […]

Product Photography, Part 5: Choosing a Camera

I’m frequently asked to recommend a camera. Sometimes folks inquire about the camera I use to display my artwork online. But both queries miss the point. Knowing how to use a camera is far more important than the unit itself. Nonetheless, choosing a suitable camera is critical. This is the fifth post in my series […]

The Power Of Pen And Paper Sketching

Need to design something? It can be tempting to start with a computer-based tool, e.g. wireframing software like Balsamiq, or design tools like Photoshop or Figma. These have their place, but I would recommend stepping back and starting with the humble pen and paper. Sketching by hand can feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable to those who […]

3 Optimizations for Google Shopping Campaigns

The benefits of Google Shopping are compelling. Advertisers consistently experience strong revenue, traffic, and return on ad spend while often paying less per click than standard search campaigns. Still, the performance of Google Shopping ads, like all ads, could plateau. Thus continuous optimizations are key to sustaining results. This post highlights three ways to optimize […]

Orchestrating Complexity With Web Animations API

There’s no middle ground between simple transitions and complex animations. You’re either fine with what CSS Transitions and Animations provide or you suddenly need all the power you can get. Web Animations API gives you a lot of tools to work with animations. But you need to know how to handle them. This article will […]

21 New Social Media Tools for Merchants in 2021

New and updated social media tools can enhance an ecommerce business. Here is a list of new social media tools and platform updates in 2021. There are tools for shopping, influencer marketing, live streaming, payments, dynamic advertising, and more. Facebook Facebook introduces Horizon Workrooms. To help people work remotely, Facebook has launched an open beta […]

Software Exec Shifts to Bicycle Components, and Thrives

Brian De Groodt launched Dispatch Custom Cycling Components in 2018 after a long career in enterprise software. The company sells bicycle headset caps, which sit atop the stem connecting handlebars to the frame. Customers can customize the caps, adding uniqueness to their bikes. He told me, “We don’t just sell headset caps. We sell inclusivity. […]

Web Design Done Well: Excellent Editorial

A lot of web design talk concerns itself with what goes on around content. Page speed, design systems, search engine optimization, frameworks, accessibility — the list goes on and on. This gives us at Smashing Magazine plenty to write about, which is great, though it’s worth reminding ourselves what it’s all in service of. In […]