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Will Amazon Convert Shipping Expense into Profit?

Amazon is poised to become the second-largest package delivery carrier in the United States, perhaps transforming a cost into a profit center. In 2021, Amazon’s burgeoning logistics service had a 22% share of the U.S. small parcel delivery market by volume, making it the third-largest carrier in the American market, according to a May 23, […]

Manage Accessible Design System Themes With CSS Color-Contrast()

There’s certainly no shortage of design systems available to use when building your next project. Between IBM’s Carbon, Wanda and Nord, there are plenty of terrific design systems to choose from. Yet, while each one contains its own nuances and opinions, most share a similar goal — simplifying the development process of creating beautifully accessible […]

Charts: Impact of Ukraine War on World Economy

“World Economic Outlook” is a twice-yearly report by the International Monetary Fund. The April 2022 edition is subtitled “War Sets Back the Global Recovery.” The conflict in Ukraine has generated a humanitarian disaster with economic consequences that will slow down the global economy and elevate inflation. Fuel and food prices have risen significantly, for example. […]

Understanding Weak Reference In JavaScript

Memory and performance management are important aspects of software development and ones that every software developer should pay attention to. Though useful, weak references are not often used in JavaScript. WeakSet and WeakMap were introduced to JavaScript in the ES6 version. Weak Reference To clarify, unlike strong reference, weak reference doesn’t prevent the referenced object […]

Developing An Award-Winning Onboarding Process (Case Study)

The notion of onboarding is all about helping users quickly and easily find value in your offering. Speed and ease of use are equally important because users might lose interest if going through an onboarding takes more time or is more complicated than what they expected. Speed and ease of use are also relative to […]

7 Reasons Why Marketing Emails Fail

Underperforming marketing emails are often an indicator of overall program deterioration. Reductions in clicks, conversions, and revenue are typically symptoms of a larger problem. In this post, I’ll address seven causes of poor email performance and how to fix them. Email Not Reaching Inbox All email marketing platforms will report a deliverability rate — the […]

13 Platforms for Blogging

Writing a blog is one of the best ways to establish expertise within an industry and drive traffic to your website. There are a variety of platforms available to launch and manage a blog at little or no expense. Here is a list of platforms to launch a blog. There are content management systems to […]

Lesser-Known And Underused CSS Features In 2022

After reading Louis Lazaris’ insightful article “Those HTML Attributes You Never Use”, I’ve asked myself (and the community) which properties and selectors are lesser-known or should be used more often. Some answers from the community surprised me, as they’ve included some very useful and often-requested CSS features which were made available in the past year […]

Fed-up Toy Company Responds to Knock-offs

Having founded Viahart, a manufacturer of educational toys, in 2010, Molson Hart learned his products were being illegally produced and sold by others. He realized the problem, intellectual property theft, extended far beyond Viahart. And that prompted the launch of his second company. He told me, “I founded Edison Litigation Financing in 2017 with my […]

The Ultimate Free Solo Blog Setup With Ghost And Gatsby

These days it seems there are an endless number of tools and platforms for creating your own blog. However, lots of the options out there lean towards non-technical users and abstract away all of the options for customization and truly making something your own. If you are someone who knows their way around front-end development, […]