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B2B Lessons from 2020

Covid-19 forced all of us to change. Companies and employees who had resisted digital innovation suddenly had no choice. Some of the changes have created value and are worth keeping. Others not so much. My company develops ecommerce systems for B2B merchants. What follows are pandemic-induced changes that, in my view, will likely become permanent. I’ve […]

Dr. Squatch Scales to $100 Million with Natural Soaps for Men

In 2013 Jack Haldrup was reading “The Lean Startup” and pondering how to launch a business. He was seeking a niche based on personal experience versus market research. “I had tried cold process soap, purchased at a farmer’s market,” he told me. “I really enjoyed it. I’ve always had sensitive skin and have been interested […]

When To Say No To Freelance Projects

A lot of feel-good life advice encourages us to say yes to new things whenever we can. This philosophy of openness can sound pretty enticing when you’re a freelancer or consultant just beginning to stand tall on your own — or riding a high of a string of good projects. And it’s true that saying […]

Pandemic-driven Shoppers Expect More from Ecommerce

The pandemic has upped consumers’ digital expectations. What was once the exception is now the norm. Telemedicine, online learning, virtual meetings — all have advanced in the past year. Ecommerce stores must evolve, too, in how they engage and interact with shoppers. Here are five ways to stay competitive and spur conversions. 5 Engagement Tips […]

How We Improved SmashingMag Performance

Every web performance story is similar, isn’t it? It always starts with the long-awaited website overhaul. A day when a project, fully polished and carefully optimized, gets launched, ranking high and soaring above performance scores in Lighthouse and WebPageTest. There is a celebration and a wholehearted sense of accomplishment prevailing in the air — beautifully […]

Porch Piracy Is Growing

Porch piracy is on the rise, with 43 percent of American consumers surveyed saying they had an ecommerce delivery pilfered from their front porch in 2020, according to a recent report. C+R Research asked 2,000 self-reporting shoppers about delivery theft in November 2020. Some 58 percent of the respondents resided in single-family dwellings, 29 percent […]

How To Build A Node.js API For Ethereum Blockchain

Blockchain technology has been on the rise in the past ten years, and has brought a good number of products and platforms to life such as Chainalysis (finance tech), Burstiq (health-tech), Filament (IoT), Opus (music streaming) and Ocular (cybersecurity). From these examples, we can see that blockchain cuts across many products and use cases — […]

Online Fraud in 2021 Is Booming

Fraud-prevention expert Uri Arad will give an exclusive, live-stream presentation to the CommerceCo by Practical Ecommerce peer-to-peer community on Thursday, January 21, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Arad is co-founder of Identiq, a privacy-protecting, network-based service that helps merchants identify legitimate consumers the first time they shop. It’s critical, as fraudsters are increasingly sophisticated and […]

17 Free Design Tools for 2021

Here is a list of free tools to design a website, social media ad, logo, infographic, and more. There are editing applications, resource libraries, and tools to find the right font and color palette. All of these are free, though several also offer premium plans with extended features. Pixlr Pixlr Pixlr is a free photo […]

Quick Refresher of U.S. CAN-SPAM Requirements

New consumer privacy laws in the U.S. and elsewhere apply to many forms of digital promotion, including email marketing. Thus it’s worth reviewing the requirements of the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, which sets rules for the use of commercial email to U.S.-based recipients. I’ll do that in this post. Commercial Email President George W. Bush […]