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How To Overcome Data Onboarding Challenges For Software Products

Companies willing to pay good money for a new piece of software are most likely not starting from scratch. They’re running an established business, with well-built and documented processes. So, they have tons of data to carry over. As a result, the decision to bring a new app into the fold is not one they […]

Manual Texts Recover 21 Percent of Abandoned Carts, Says LiveRecover Founder

Dennis Hegstad believes the best way to recover abandoned carts is via text messages. But his messages are not automated or bot-driven. Hegstad’s company, LiveRecover, sends one-to-one texts from a real person to folks who have left an ecommerce checkout without completing a purchase. “It’s peer-to-peer texting,” he told me. “We’ll send messages from a […]

The Value of Personalized Marketing for Ecommerce

A well-executed personalized marketing program may resemble person-to-person conversations like those a shopper could experience in a brick-and-mortar retail store. It is easy to recognize a genuinely good customer experience when you have it. Imagine you visit a top-notch kitchen boutique in a posh shopping area. The inquisitive associate in the store helps you select […]

Designing Emails to Drive Clicks and Conversions

Email design has evolved to reflect changes in technology and consumer behavior. The goal is to elicit the desired action from the recipient, such as a click or conversion. In this post, I’ll address tips on designing high-performing emails for ecommerce. Every email marketing message should contain specific elements. For U.S. senders, the message must […]

Getting Started With Next.js

Lately, Next.js has termed itself The React Framework for Production, and with such bold claim comes a bevy of features that it offers to help you take your React websites from zero to production. These features would matter less if Next.js isn’t relatively easy to learn, and while the numerous features might mean more things […]

Introduction to Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics has come a long way since it launched in 2005. Version 4 is the latest iteration. It enables the blending of online and offline user activity into one reporting stream. Google purchased Urchin, an early day analytics platform, in April 2005. Later that year, Google repurposed Urchin, calling it Google Analytics, to report […]

Speed Up Your Workflow With Figma Plugins

One of the best ways to reduce time spent pushing pixels in Figma is to use some of the countless plugins that can do the work for you. Figma has added some amazing functionality recently to help with our workflows but plugins still fill in the gap for many tedious, repetitive daily tasks. This practical […]

SEO: How to Move Skydivers through the Funnel

What happens when consumers parachute from organic search results and land on the page Google thinks is the most personally relevant? They skip as much as 95 percent of your prepared journey. The page the searcher lands on may need to perform every step in the purchase cycle — awareness, intent, desire, action — depending […]

Smashing Podcast Episode 27 With Stefan Baumgartner: What Is TypeScript?

We’re talking about TypeScript. What is it, and how can it help us write better JavaScript? I spoke to expert Stefan Baumgartner to find out. Show Notes Stefan’s book TypeScript in 50 Lessons is available now Official site for TypeScript Stefan on Twitter Stefan’s personal website Weekly Update “React Form Validation With Formik And Yup”written […]