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Entrepreneur Loses $6 Million, Bounces Back

I’m always amazed at the resilience of many successful business people, those that overcome big-time failures. Warren Buffett summed it up when he said, to paraphrase, “Success is the process of overcoming mistakes.” Shakil Prasla recently made a big mistake. An astute ecommerce operator and owner, Prasla purchased in late 2020 Covid-related protective gloves at […]

Investment Robust in Retail, Ecommerce Technology

The pandemic has posed obstacles for both brick-and-mortar and online merchants. Among the challenges are labor shortages, inventory problems, delivery conundrums, and the need for more personalization. New providers are addressing those needs, and venture capitalists and other investors are eager to fund them. Record Investment According to CB Insights, roughly $31 billion flowed from […]

There Is No Such Thing As A CSS Absolute Unit

When we start learning CSS, we find that CSS units of measurement are categorized as relative or absolute. Absolute units are rooted in physical units, such as pixels, centimeters, and inches. But over the years, all absolute units in CSS have lost their connection to the physical world and have become different kinds of relative […]

Getting Investors to Buy Your Inventory

When it comes to funding inventory, retail businesses can be creative, using loans, credit cards, supplier terms, and even advances from family. Whatever the method, raising the money can be a challenge. “Every business needs to fund inventory before it gets the opportunity to earn revenue by selling it, and there is no single [funding] […]

Creating An Accessible Dialog From Scratch

First of all, don’t do this at home. Do not write your own dialogs or a library to do so. There are plenty of them out there already that have been tested, audited, used and reused and you should prefer these ones over your own. a11y-dialog is one of them, but there are more (listed […]

4 Favorite Blogs from Ecommerce Companies

Publishing a blog on an ecommerce site builds community, creates trust, and gives consumers a reason to return. Sales would likely follow. But online merchants with long-term, quality blogs are rare. What follows are four of my favorites. Mr Porter Mr Porter is an online retailer of men’s fashion items, founded in 2011. The company […]

Global vs. Local Styling In Next.js

I have had a great experience using Next.js to manage complex front-end projects. Next.js is opinionated about how to organize JavaScript code, but it doesn’t have built-in opinions about how to organize CSS. After working within the framework, I have found a series of organizational patterns that I believe both conform to the guiding philosophies […]

The Full-funnel Product Detail Page

Once found only at the bottom of a sales funnel, the ecommerce product detail page is evolving to address the entire buyer journey, from awareness to sale. Consider a free, basic theme on Shopify called “Simple,” Its product pages are sales-focused, with eight sections: Product name, Price, Description Product options, Images, Two call-to-action buttons, Social […]

Gatsby Serverless Functions And The International Space Station

Gatsby recently announced the launch of Functions which opens up a new dimension of possibilities — and I for one couldn’t be more excited! With Gatsby now providing Serverless Functions on Gatsby Cloud (and Netlify also providing support via @netlify/plugin-gatsby), the framework that was once misunderstood to be “just for blogs” is now more than […]